Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on your smartphone for up to five mobile devices. No worries. No roaming charges. Just connect and stay in touch wherever you are, whenever you need, with the devices you rely on everyday.

Iridium GO! is unlike anything the world has seen before. Powered by the world's furthest reaching network, this compact, rugged and portable unit dramatically extends the capabilities of any smartphone, laptop or tablet by creating a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot – anywhere on the planet.

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Iridium GO! instantly transforms your trusted devices into a global communications powerhouse. For corporate climbers and weekend warriors, individuals, enterprises or governments, for anyone who is on the move, out of range or off the grid – by land or at sea – Iridium GO! enables reliable voice and data capabilities for your smartphone or up to five mobile devices.

Iridium GO! enables satellite connectivity for your mobile devices where terrestrial networks cannot. Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit connects quickly and automatically to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation to create an anywhere Wi-Fi hotspot within approximately a 30.5 meter (100 foot) radius. You can easily connect and operate multiple devices within this area using the Iridium GO! application.

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IsatPhone 2

The IsatPhone 2 from Inmarsat is designed for the most reliable satellite communications network in the world. It has a ton of additional features that help you to stay connected in the most extreme and remote locations. It is engineered with quality and durability in mind so it is perfect for any need!
IsatPhone 2 is a tough phone for a tough world. The robust handset has been engineered to cope with anything that nature can throw at it - from searing heat to icy blasts; desert sandstorms or monsoon rain. And with fast network registration, an unrivalled battery life offering 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours of standby time, you know you can always depend on the IsatPhone 2. What’s more, IsatPhone 2 gives you the excellent voice clarity and call stability you have come to expect from Inmarsat’s network.
A powerful, dependable satellite phone delivering high voice quality, voicemail, text and email messaging, plus tracking and assistance alert features. All packaged in an ergonomically designed rugged handset:
  • - Fast Network Registration
  • - Reliable Call Stability
  • - Withstands Extreme Conditions
  • - Location Services
  • - Easy-To-Use Interface

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Iridium Extreme


Built with the same reliable voice and data capability that users have come to trust from the only real mobile, real global satellite communications company in the world. But Iridium Extreme doesn’t stop there. You are guaranteed a global signal from pole to pole.

Extreme Features

It is engineered with a ton of features and also has more accessories than any other satellite phone on the market, providing people with even more ways to connect. It helps keep you safe and it runs conveniently on Iridium's truly global network of satellites!


Iridium Extreme is the first satellite phone to offer the fully integrated services of customizable GPS, Online Tracking and Emergency SOS with Notification. More than a phone, it is a real mobile, real reliable tracking device with truly global coverage. From pole to pole you can keep yourself connected!

Integrated Tracking

Through accredited online portals, Iridium Extreme offers an open development platform for partner-developed location-based solutions providing real time tracking to increase business efficiencies, improve military and emergency response, track critical assets, or simply keep family and friends up-to-date.

Truly Extreme

It might be small, but the Iridium Extreme is big on toughness and is built to take a beating. It is ruggedly engineered to support the toughest, highest usage customers of satellite phone communications in the harshest conditions, everywhere.

Iridium AxcessPoint

Combined with your Iridium satellite phone, Iridium AxcessPoint allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to the Internet. Now you can keep in touch on your trusted devices from anywhere on the surface of the planet. So you even have a data connection for your devices!

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Extreme Dock


Engineered for Iridium Extreme

The Extreme Dock is engineered specifically for the Iridium 9575, integrating with the phone’s Emergency SOS feature to maximize safety. It both charges and connects to an external antenna using the connector on the bottom of the phone, eliminating the need for additional cables and adapters.


Equipped with an automatic stereo muting feature and car ignition connection, this dock is a ready-to-go vehicular solution. When paired with the Iridium Extreme your satellite communication solution will be stronger than ever with products proven in the field by our customers!

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Iridium 9555

Compact Power

The Iridium 9555 is one of the smaller phones Iridium has made, but it is also powerful. With a significantly reduced footprint from our previous phone, more hand-friendly form factor, and aerodynamic features such as an internally stowed antenna, this sleek handset is designed to easily go wherever your customers do – including through your distribution channels.

Rugged Critical Lifelines

The Iridium 9555 is the ultimate in dependable mobile communications. It is a ruggedly built tool, not a toy. It won’t play games, take pictures, or play MP3s. What it will do is work. Everywhere. It is engineered to withstand the world’s toughest environments, so the world’s toughest customers can depend on it as a critical lifeline whenever and wherever needed.

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Iridium 9555 Docking Station

ASE DK075 - Docking Station for Iridium 9555 Image


Applied Satellite Engineering’s ASE-DK075 docking station offers unprecedented reliability, superior intelligence, and rugged integrity to make an exceptional phone even better. Together, the Iridium 9555 and the ASE-DK075 offer an unsurpassed package of reliability, innovation, power and efficiency.

Convenient Everywhere

The ASE-DK075 provides office, vehicle and vessel customers with a dependable and critical lifeline via Iridium Satellite Network. The mobile satellite service, which offers the only pole-to-pole global communication coverage, enables the ASE-DK075 to provide unfaltering satellite communication anywhere on Earth.

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Iridium 9505a

Iridium 9505a Image

Built Tough

The Iridium 9505A satellite phone is built for the toughest environments, and brings the capability for secure communications anywhere you need to be when used with the Iridium Security Module. Manufactured in the US, this handset is ideal for military use and is the only satellite phone available for provisioning on the U.S. Department of Defense Gateway.

Global and Rugged

The Iridium 9505A is water, shock, and dust resistant – built to handle the harshest conditions and use. No matter where in the world you or your personnel need to be, the Iridium 9505A will keep you connected, everywhere. No other network in the world offers customers secure communication capabilities from anywhere on the planet.

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